"Invitation race"

Why not to ''juice everything'' of the service and not to refund the monthly fee and other own additional costs? "Invitation race" is a great option to do this without much effort, as well as to stimulate a new stream of different users to the application.

«Invitation race» monthly competition inside the "face2face" application. All you have to do is to be an active Greeter on our platform. (Greeter – person that invites people via his/her promo code to the app)'


1. In the left side menu of each profile you can find the unique generated promo code at the bottom of the screen, which you should give to any unregistered person.

2. While registering, this person will have to insert your promo code in special field. After these actions +1 points will drop into your bank of points.

3. You can track your personal rating and the number of points through the left side menu and in the ''Invitation race''.

At the end of each month, the results will be summarized, and valuable prizes will be awarded to everyone in the Top 30 of "Invitation race" throughout the app. Every first day of a new month the personal invitational result of each user of the past month will be renewed, which will mark the beginning of a new season!

You will be awarded with different prizes by the administration of the "face2face" app (Apple is not a sponsor)

We wish you all the best!

Your team of developers

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