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The face2face app is a global social network searching for advert partners interested in promoting as well as delivery advert product and services within various social networks

Monthly subscription costs like a daily cup of coffee

• Looking for promotions?

• Tired of commissions?

• Want to cut costs?

face2face IS FOR YOU!

face2face is an Uber for promotion
I found promoters
that brought me
new revenue and regular customers
I found customers
and earn funds while
advertising and
promoting others
It is really easy to find
partners with us
What is your role?
Our values for you
Our service is a global mobile app that is available
without additional fees and commissions for making advertising partnership.
Worldwide community
Global network full of people interested in promoting and advertising
from all over the world.

Affordable price for everyone
Affordable to everyone price of a monthly subscription, same as for the Cup of coffee and in addition with a 7 days free trial.

All controls through mobile phone
Single control center for your own communications in your hand, forget about the need to open the computer.
Convenient systematization of interests and projects of bloggers, entrepreneurs, people implementing social initiatives and journalists!
The choice is yours
Become both a Customer, wishing to be advertised, and a Promoter, ready to advertise, or assume both — be advertised and advertise!
Special contest
Monthly competition inside
the App — «Invitation race»
Invite and receive valuable prizes.
How it works
Monetization of
advertising deal
Search for
Brand awareness
sales increase
Search of
Young people
doing small and
medium-sized business
Media reporters
Young people

social projects

Customer section
Those wanted to be advertised

Increase your awareness, customer base and income by advertising your activities!

Be advertised and benefit from it.
Promoter section
Those ready to advertise others

Why not to monetize time and investments in creating and maintaining your social network accounts?

Earn by advertising others.
Announcement creation example
1. Check and identify yourself in the sections "Customer" or "Promoter" on the main screen

2. Open menu and select:
"My announcement", then section "Customer" or "Promoter" and select a category:
Business project
Social project

3. Using a wide range of subcategories and keywords, complete the creation of an announcement by adding photos, payment type and additional text

4. Save and Publish via the button in the upper right corner
Easily become a member
Tilda Publishing
create your own block from scratch
1. Download
3. Get 7 days of non-paid usage
after confirming subscription
4. Find partners from
the Global advertising
2. Register
While having my own sports IG blog, I want to recommend face2face app to business. I found in this app 3 different influencers and raised funds from 14 new clients of my sport blog. Cheap and fast – that's the point.
Instagram beauty-blogger
I combine my DJing hobby and everyday life in my Instagram account. Once people found by blog interesting I realized that my blog could be monetized. Recently I advertise different accounts via IG stories and have some additional easy money. I look for clients in face2face app.
DJ and instagram influencer
In the same way that LinkedIn is a must for people looking for employment, face2face is a must for young marketing professionals looking to make a name for themselves.
Canadian financiar, self-blogger
Community about us
Businessman, Creator of Partnore
As someone who has an interest in advertising, I have found this platform very helpful. Useful for promoting both blogs and businesses. Already as a startup, I see a substantial future ahead of face2face.
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18 Kolonakiou Str, Limassol, Cyprus
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